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Version history since Jun, 2012

File: directslave-3.3-advanced-all.tar.gz

MD5: cc7329eff1dd8eab3f18dd58ec64b68d
Size: 29224832 bytes


+ Fixed XSS vulnerability on login screen
+ Fixed check errors when rndc is disabled
-> Minor bugs fixed
File: directslave-3.2-login-XSS-HOTFIX.tar.gz

MD5: 8c0e891cb18fa41e567783f568ad3b59
Size: 1718 bytes


I discovered DirectSlave 3.2 have a bunch of security breaches in webinterface (XSS) since it have no filtration
of data coming through web channel (I completely rely on user's sanity). And I really aplogise for that.

Extract directslave/www/templates/login.tpl from archive into /usr/local/directslave/www/templates/ and overwrite login.tpl with archive version.
File: directslave-3.2-advanced-all.tar.gz

MD5: 0b7c74abd20921848a6c42e5fc0e880b
Size: 15390730 bytes


Renamed to Advanced.

+ Now we have nice & smooth web-interface to control over our secondary zones (add, remove & change master IP)
+ Ability to manage users through web
+ Viewing DirectSlave log files
+ Master-file format setting (requested by SeLLeRoNe :: See forum post)
File: directslave-3.0.2-beta-all.tar.gz

MD5: 3105e12cf25cd358a5b2754844983e5a
Size: 11220249 bytes


Basic version, no web-interface.

Actually beta.
First release in new branch 3.x/GO (rewriten from Perl to Golang).
+ Rock solid.
+ Distributed as binary file.
+ Statically linked.
+ Less CPU usage.
+ No more dependencies / perl modules.
+ A lot of improvements in speed.
+ TLS 1.2 and HTTP/2 onboard.
+ Added RNDC event-triggered queue support.
+ Added /CMD_EMAIL_POP support.
+ Less memory footprint (can be used on tiny virtual instances with < 512Mb RAM).
+ Available for Linux i386/x32_64/arm & FreeBSD i386/amd64 (all in single archive distribution).
File: directslave-2.1-beta.tar.gz

MD5: 8df9489b351ea026e26dee2a79b2abbc
Size: 296960 bytes


Second stable release.
Writen in perl, require CPAN modules.
Multiuser support, SSL/TLS support.
Available as source code (perl)
File: directslave-1.3.tar.gz

MD5: 60487dcf4c466ab429b9762544da968d
Size: 296960 bytes


First stable release.
Writen in perl, require CPAN modules.
No multiuser support, no SSL/TLS.
Not recommended!