What is DirectSlave?

This software (DirectSlave) is designed for fast & easy slave DNS management, interacting with DirectAdmin powered servers using DirectAdmin multiserver API. Configuration of master DirectAdmin server is not necessary, software provides DirectAdmin multiserver API emulation via HTTP protocol. You only need to enable Multi Server feature on master DirectAdmin server and set it up to work with DirectSlave. Basic understanding of DNS basics also might be helpful.

+ listen to tcp 2222 port and accept DirectAdmin /CMD_API_DNS_ADMIN API commands (port can be changed in config file)
+ TLS to secure parameters transferred from your DirectAdmin servers to DirectSlave server
+ acts as daemon with given uid/gid (bind (53), for example) for security reason & access to named workdir
+ no need for rsh/rsync
+ configurable via single config file (uid gid logs and many other things)
+ can serve parallel requests from as many servers, as you want
+ acts as normal secondary mode (just write named.conf entry for zone)
+ multiuser access. One server - one user. Strict permission check - no adding existing domains, nor remove unowned domains
+ web-interface for managing users, secondary zones & viewing DirectSlave log files
+ available as binary package for Linux i386/amd64/arm & FreeBSD i386/amd64. Pre-3.x releases also available as source code (perl)
Demo: https://directslave.com:2224
Login: demo
Password: demo123
For version history, visit Download Link.
For setup & updating, view included README / UPDATING files.
If you found this software useful, be kind, send me a donation to support development of future releases.
aypal: roman.mazur@gmail.com